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Portable Room Air Purifiers

Portable Room Air Purifiers can significantly improve indoor air quality and help reduce the risk of airborne pathogens.

Portable Room Air Purifiers are easy-to-install, easy-to-use solutions that can supplement your building’s existing HVAC system and ventilation methods to provide efficient, regular air changes especially in spaces prone to poor ventilation.

These units create their own self-contained ventilation and filtration system, using a fan that can either be on a timer or manual, as well as multi-layer filtration capabilities.

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How Portable Room Air Filters Work


Removes larger particles that are visible to the naked eye (dust, hair and pet dander)

B. Medium particle pre-filter:

Removes small to medium size particles (mold, spores & pollen)

C. Activated Carbon Filter:

Removes chemical gases & odours

D. HEPA Filter:

Final filter that removes the smallest of particles (viruses, bacteria, etc)

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Choosing the Right Product for Your Space

Portable room air purifiers come in different sizes, configurations, and with different features, all of which may or may not be ideal for your unique space. When selecting the right unit, we recommend that you consider your entire indoor air quality system and understand exactly where the portable room air purifier will provide additional protection.

Factors affecting air quality:

  • The size of the space;

  • The number of people in the space at a given time (this indicates the volume of airborne particles being generated);

  • And the ventilation rate per minute (the amount of new, clean air being let into the space).

Products we carry:

  • Austin Air HM400
  • Purashield 500 Smart
  • Purashield 1000 Smart
  • Custom Ceiling-Mount Units
  • And more!

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Our Indoor Air Specialists work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

Starting with an Aircheck we do a thorough investigation of how your air handling units, filtration, and ventilation are maintaining your overall indoor air quality. Once we find the right combination of units, we complete the installation and make sure they’re working as expected.

BGE’s service doesn’t stop at installation. Extend the lifespan of your equipment with BGE’s Continuous Clean Air Program. This preventative maintenance plan will provide you with continuous remote IAQ monitoring, semi-annual IAQ testing, filter replacements and basic maintenance on your units.

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