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Get in touch and our advisors will determine the right solution for you.

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Filtration Management Services

Managing your air filtration system means having the right filters for your HVAC at the right time. Ensuring timely maintenance and filter change outs will help maintain the integrity of your HVAC system, as well as prevent unexpected equipment failures and shutdowns. 

Our Clean Air Experts will build you a filtration management program that takes the effort, time and dirty work off your hands. Customized for your needs, our program consists of cleaning and maintaining your heating and cooling coils, heat exchangers, fans and air distribution ductwork; managing your filter banks; and ensuring you always have the right inventory of air filters available to you when you need them.

The result is the assurance that you have safe and clean indoor air being distributed throughout your occupied spaces.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Ensure that your facility and HVAC systems are protected from contaminants, and that you have clean air being delivered to your space on a consistent basis.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program (PM Program) will schedule, track and report the complexity of inspection and filter change intervals for every air handling unit. Customizing the intervals based on historical data and current operations can reduce labour costs while assuring that service calls are not missed or forgotten due to other competing priorities.

Our trained and experienced service technicians safely execute the filter inspection and change out work. Our team will also advise your facilities team if there are any other concerns in the air handling systems. During our regular Stewardship Meetings, we prepare and discuss status reports for your facility management team.

The result: a well-planned and executed filtration management program that allows you to focus on all the other priorities in your building.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Ensuring that you have the right product in stock at the time you need it can be challenging. Filters are bulky, they come in many different sizes and different filters need to be changed at different times. 

BGE can provide a Vendor Managed Inventory system that ensures constant supply and replenishment. This helps reduce your overall inventory costs and ensures that you have the filters you need, when you need them.


How It Works:

  • We complete an inspection and change-out interval schedule for your facility to guide your team on the right filters optimal frequencies
  • We stock your internal warehouse with the appropriate filter inventory
  • On a regular frequency, we count and replenish your filter inventory leaving you with a reliable stock of filters that can be used for your filtration management program
  • Additional products can be added to the VMI program including fan belts, liquid and process filters, etc.

Filter Bank Retrofits

When your existing filter bank is no longer meeting your facility’s needs or expectations, we can help you select and install the one that will provide the best air filtration for your environment. 

We work alongside your staff and engineers to design and deliver the best air quality while considering energy costs, physical footprint and ease of maintenance, thus reducing your total cost of ownership.

Retrofits come in many shapes and sizes, but we can guarantee that it will be easier to maintain, and will provide better and cleaner indoor air.

On-Demand Service Work

Changing and managing filters is a dirty job. Let our team help you with:

  • One-time pre-filter and final filter change outs
  • Mechanical room clean ups
  • Filter frame cleaning and gasket re-facing

We can work alongside your team to create a full crew, or take the project right off your hands so you can focus on other priorities within your facility.

Whatever you need, we’re here to help.




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