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About Us

Our Bge Story

We Care About Clean Air

What started from humble beginnings over 50 years ago has today provided filtration services to some of Canada’s best-run buildings. At BGE, we are dedicated to our work and are driven by the need to bring you with the air filtration solutions that will give you the right indoor air quality environment for your business. Our approach focuses on people, and we strive to provide you with optimal air quality through our proactive advisory, reliable products, and integrated services.


Our years of success in delivering clean air to clients is a result of the passion and drive that we have for our work, and carry with us every day.

Why Work With Us

We don’t believe in just selling products or services. We believe in bringing clean air solutions through an integrated approach. At BGE, we assess each case individually, advise you on the best solution for your unique needs, and partner with you to create the indoor air environment you require.

We Are Problem Solvers

We are invested in your business, and in bringing you the clean air environment that you need. With expertise in a variety of industries and a focus on innovation and technology, we are always striving to provide solutions in a way that is best for you.

We Offer an Integrated Approach

At BGE, we believe supply and service should go hand-in-hand. We partner with you to ensure we are able to bring you the clean air environment that you need using whatever products or services necessary.

We Have Access to a variety of Products

With our in-house manufacturing and world-class supplier relationships, we are able to provide you access to all the products you need, when you need them.