Equipment Design and Selection

Proper Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) relies on more than just the right filter. Having the right equipment is critical to the effective performance of your filtration systems. From odour and corrosion control, weld fume and dust collection to HVAC, HEPA and containment systems, our equipment and housing selection services involve a thorough procedure to ensure delivery of your IAQ goals.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your facility and operations, our expert team can help you select the right equipment. Our in-house manufacturing and OEM factor partnerships allow us access to the best products and services to meet your IAQ goals.

What's Involved?


At our initial meeting, our objective is to listen and gather an understanding of your needs and requirements. We discuss any pain points and get a thorough comprehension of your IAQ goals.


Once we have a good understanding of your IAQ goals, we audit your existing systems to measure performance, effectiveness and safety.


Based on our audit, our skilled team evaluates your existing systems and determines an action plan that would help you reach your IAQ goals. Our evaluation is aimed to bring you the most effective and cost-efficient solutions that match your unique needs.


Upon our thorough evaluation, we present a comprehensive plan to you and your team reviewing the functionality of your current system in the context of your goals and help you identify any gaps that need to be filled.

assist with change

Once we have presented our evaluation to your team, we partner with you to help you accomplish your IAQ goals through our extensive range of products and services. Our experience working in a wide range of environments ensures that we are able to bring you the best filtration solutions for your people, places, processes and products.