Remediation & Cleaning

Proper cleaning and remediation of your ductwork and coils can drastically improve the overall operating efficiency and hygiene of your air handling systems. Certified by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), our duct cleaning team is highly experienced and is able to ensure that your systems are working at their best. PAC (Phil Ackland Certified) technicians will also ensure that your kitchen exhaust systems are maintained to the NFPA 96 standard.

What's Involved?

  • We conduct an interview with you to determine your goals and objectives for your Indoor Air Quality program
  • We perform a complimentary facility audit to assess the success and efficiency of your existing filtration systems
  • Our NADCA certified technicians will provide “before” pictures/videos of your air handling systems, ductwork and associated equipment
  • Based on our audit and evaluation of existing assets and processes, we identify areas of improvement that can affect the quality of your indoor air environment
  • Once we have identified these areas of improvement, we develop custom-tailored solutions that would help you reach your IAQ goals
  • Based on the custom-tailored solution for your space, we develop a remediation and cleaning plan that is the most effective and cost efficient
  • We will then meet with you to present our findings gathered from our audit, the identified areas of improvement, and our recommended solutions and implementation plan. This plan will strive to limit any disruptions to your facility
  • After we have finalized our plan we work closely with you to kick-off it’s implementation plan
  • Once our BGE NADCA certified team has completed their restoration a portfolio of “after” pictures/videos of your air handling systems will be provided
  • We will continue to give you the support and guidance through the transition from your existing system to your new systems