Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Make the Invisible, Visible.

Innovative Solutions For Healthier Environments

For over 50 years, the team at BGE has been passionate about its pursuit of delivering clean air to organizations and their buildings; optimizing indoor air quality is the first step toward a healthy indoor environment where people and businesses thrive.

The problem is this: Indoor air quality – whether good or bad – it’s not something you can see.

Until now.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Developed by Kaiterra, and delivered to our customers by BGE, the Sensedge and Sensedge Mini are smart, data-driven indoor air quality monitoring solutions enabling building owners and operators to make data-driven decisions to improve their IAQ.

Now, you’re able to measure and visualize the levels of contaminants in your space in real time giving you the assurances you need to operate your building as safe as possible.

As building owners and operators think ahead to a world of co-existing with Covid-19, measuring and displaying the quality of your indoor air quality is imperative.

Supporting Wi-Fi, ethernet, RS-485, and various network configurations including corporate proxy servers and hidden SSIDs, Kaiterra’s indoor air quality monitors are made to fit into any commercial or residential space.

Utilizing end-to-end SSL/TLS encryption, the IAQ monitors provide maximum security for data transfer, and both Static IP and DHCP options are available.

Powerful Automation & Control

Real-time air quality data can be used to trigger events and enable automation to improve HVAC system efficiency, lower energy consumption, and save costs, while boosting indoor air quality, wellness, and comfort.

Kaiterra’s suite of indoor air quality monitoring solutions support BACnet, ModBus, local and cloud MQTT, and API integration to communicate with your building control and automation system.

Designed to Blend In

With a minimal, neutral, and unobtrusive design, Kaiterra’s suite of IAQ monitoring solutions truly blends into any environment and can be installed on any wall or ceiling to provide full coverage of your indoor environment.

Easy Calibration

The IAQ Monitors use removable sensor modules for long-term accuracy with minimal maintenance. During usage, the device tracks and calculates the life span of each sensor module according to the pollution levels to which the sensors have been exposed. Simply replace the sensors when the module status light turns red, without having to go through the traditional, costly calibration process.

Your Healthy Building Starts Here

The IAQ Monitoring solutions are tested and certified by various green building and air quality standards, including:

  • WELL v2
  • LEED
  • Living Building Challenge
  • Fitwel




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