A Smarter Way to Manage Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Program

Clean Indoor Air Is An Ongoing Journey

Your indoor air environment is always being disrupted—there could be events that affect the outdoor air coming in, there are different concentrations of particles in the air based on what’s happening inside the building, and your filters & equipment can have inconsistent performance throughout the year.

At BGE, we work alongside our customers to apply our IAQ360 approach, working with them to set indoor air quality (IAQ) goals and building a plan that is actively managed to make sure occupants always have access to high quality indoor air.

Establish a baseline to measure your
progress throughout the year.

You can’t build a path forward without knowing where you’re starting from. Assessing your indoor air systems gives you a clear baseline measure of what’s working well and what needs improvement.

  • Aircheck™
    A thorough assessment and check up of occupied spaces and indoor air systems.
  • IAQ Testing
    Measure the presence and concentration of specific indoor air contaminants.

Create a roadmap that will get you closer to your goals.

Use the findings from your IAQ assessment to build a prioritized plan for your goals, integrating products, services, and maintenance schedules. Align your resources and budget to the plan and track your progress as you go.

  • Define IAQ goals
  • Prioritize findings from the Assess phase
  • Design a roadmap that integrates products, installation and maintenance

A start-to-finish implementation that delivers the results you need.

With seven branches across Western Canada, and a manufacturing centre based in Edmonton, our team can get you what you need, when you need it. Our service team and filtration experts will install your filters and equipment to make sure you’re getting the most out of them.

  • Filtration
    High performance air filters when you need them.
  • Retrofits
    Small upgrades can make a big impact.
  • Air Purification
    Portable solutions to augment your HVAC performance.
  • Integrity Repairs & Upgrades
    Get the performance your systems were designed for.
  • System Hygiene/Cleaning
    Keep filtered air clean throughout your air handling units.

Anticipate and mitigate challenges before they even arise.

Get the best performance from your indoor air systems and save significantly on your bottom line. With proactive management, we can help you prevent downtime, improve your energy efficiency, and lower your overall maintenance costs.

  • Preventative Maintenance Program
    Keep your systems up and running.
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
    Real-time monitoring for major air contaminants.
  • Filter Lifecycle Monitoring
    A data-driven approach to filter changeouts.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
    Make sure you’ve always got what you need.
  • Periodic Aircheck™
    Track your progress and adjust for any unexpected circumstances.

Education & Training

Everyone should understand the basics of air filtration and air quality, but for our customers and our team, it is especially important. At BGE, we believe in sharing our knowledge of industry standards and best practices with our clients and our team.




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