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Super PaintGuard

BGE Super PaintGuardTM Overspray Collection media is designed to provide superior paint holding
capacity and to reduce paint runoff in industrial paint spraying operations.


unique media design

BGE's Super PaintGuardTM media is constructed using a patented dual stage design. Large, coarse fibres in the more “open” first layer combined with a more ”dense” final stage.


paint Holding Capacity

Super PaintGuardTM media is designed to provide higher paint holding capacity (2628 Gms) while maintaining a high level of paint removal efficiency (99.33%)


sizes available

Super PaintGuardTM overspray collectors are available in pre-cut pads, bulk rolls, and in custom cut-to-size blankets


Initial Resistance

Super PaintGuardTM media has an initial resistance of 0.03" @150 fpm.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Available in custom sizing options
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • High paint holding efficiency 

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