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When used with AAF’s wide range of energy-efficient microglass or ePTFE HEPA/ULPA filters, the PharmaGel offers both energy savings and quick HEPA filter replacement with minimal downtime.

Room side replaceable filter access

Welded construction for strength and leak-free operation

Easy access for filter testing

Available with microglass HEPA or ULPA media or extremely durable, low pressure drop ePTFE

Stainless steel removable protective grill

Vertical or horizontal flow applications

Adjustable butterfly damper

Key Features & Benefits

  • Low-Risk Filter Testing and Maintenance:

    The AAF International PharmaGel is a high-performance HEPA module with simplified filter cartridge maintenance. Equipped with four support retainers, cartridges can be tested and replaced without disturbing the module housing. A gel sealant pocket ensures airtight integrity at the filter-to-module seal.

    The PharmaGel is ideally used for critical process industries like pharmaceutical manufacturing, where quick and easy HEPA filter replacement is required. Optional aerosol dispersion tubes allow for easy integrity testing of both the filter and the module. An upstream port is standard and allows the user to measure the HEPA filter pressure drop, or to sample upstream aerosol concentration for in situ filter testing.

  • Robust Leak-Free Construction:

    PharmaGel housing is constructed of sturdy, welded aluminum with a flush-mounted, stainless steel grill. The airtight housing includes an integral aluminum flange on the downstream side, for use with a conventional T-bar grid system. The round top inlet is designed with a butterfly damper conveniently operated from the downstream side, using a rotary-type mechanism. A perforated diffuser plate beneath the damper promotes even distribution of air across the filter.

    1 ½” wide stainless steel plaster trim is available for mounting the PharmaGel in a hard ceiling. 5/8” wide trim is also available for mounting the PharmaGel in inverted grid T-grid systems.

    Hanging tabs are available for use of the PharmaGel in seismic active areas. Hanging tabs are welded to the body of the PharmaGel to eliminate any leak paths caused by mechanical fasteners.

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