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Quality Air Filtration Systems for NAIT

In 2017, NAIT, one of the largest institutes of technology in Canada, looked to us to explore ways of reducing their operating costs, while evolving to serve their complex indoor air quality needs.

In order to make the best advisory recommendation, we started with the monitoring and analysis of their existing maintenance program. This allowed us the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about NAIT’s operations, helping us find opportunities to improve the current filter selection. Our experienced IAQ experts proactively navigated NAIT’s systems to identify challenges, understand the organization’s goals, and created a customized clean air solution that served their needs.

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Project Details

It’s often easier to continue with the status quo when you don’t have the resources to explore new options, or haven’t considered how a filtration system can contribute to your broader business strategy.

Total Cost of Ownership Diagnostic Tool

At NAIT, our IAQ experts used a Total Cost of Ownership Diagnostic (TCOD) tool to look at all aspects of IAQ management including filtration product offerings, energy consumption, CO2 emissions, changeout frequencies, labour hours and costs, disposal costs and any other costs involved. Our holistic approach to the project enabled us to make recommendations that not only solved their IAQ challenges but also helped them achieve strategic business goals.


Based on a thorough consultation and assessment process, we recommended NAIT to use heavier-duty products that the ones that were being used. The campus’ heavy dirt-loading environment requires a high volume of filters, which is why they had previously been using less-expensive options. However, upon our advisory, they decided to put their faith in our expertise and understanding of the facility and chose to use a premium product. Among the proposed products was the AAF Flanders MEGApleat M8 series filter, to be used in classrooms, labs, facilities, and offices. Because the solution was so effective, we now operate as an ongoing trusted advisor at NAIT, and are regularly asked to explore solutions to their emerging air quality challenges in different areas and departments.


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