BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions Has Acquired Con-Test

February 5, 2024
BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions

BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions has purchased CON-TEST to become Canada’s largest provider of testing and certification for Controlled Environments.

Edmonton, Alberta, February 5, 2024 – BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions (BGE), a Canadian leader in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and air filtration today announced they are acquiring CON-TEST, Canada’s leading provider of Controlled Environment Services. CON-TEST’s specialized technicians across Canada test, certify, and maintain equipment for highly-controlled environments like laboratories, cleanrooms, hospital OR’s, and other sterile environments that require the cleanest of clean air.

BGE has been delivering similar Controlled Environment Services for over 35 years, primarily in Alberta and some parts of Saskatchewan and BC. The purchase of CON-TEST, headquartered in Ajax, Ontario, expands those services from coast to coast and significantly bolsters the capacity and expertise of BGE’s overall services program. The deal also solidifies BGE’s commitment to delivering the cleanest air that meets the strictest standards in the most important environments and applications.

“The addition of CON-TEST significantly expands our reach into Controlled Environments such as laboratories, cleanrooms, and hospitals right across the country”, said Ian MacGillivray, Co-Owner, President & CEO of BGE. “And in a post-pandemic world, we’re also starting to see more commercial and industrial clients embrace the ‘Healthy Buildings’ movement, adopting higher air quality standards found previously only in healthcare and other highly-controlled environments. The CON-TEST team has the expertise, equipment, and experience to help customers achieve safer, healthier indoor environments across many sectors and types of facilities”.

Rob Chopowick, General Manager of CON-TEST, said: “We’re excited to be joining BGE to help us grow the company, broaden our reach, and expand our capabilities so that we can continue building on our long tradition of providing great customer experiences and peace of mind for our customers.” The President of Con-Test, Rene Soetens, added “The BGE team is a great fit with ours. We share similar values and beliefs, our cultures are nicely aligned, and I felt the BGE team would be excellent stewards of Con-Test’s legacy and brand into the future.”

Alberta was previously the only large Canadian market without a CON-TEST office. BGE will be adding its existing Alberta CES team into the CON-TEST mix, which completes that geographic reach to include technicians in nearly every province. Ian MacGillivray said “CON-TEST is the Canadian leader in the Controlled Environments business and our team is excited to learn from them and work with their team to help accelerate CON-TEST’s growth into the future. Customers can expect to continue receiving the same reliable, high-quality services they’ve come to expect from CON-TEST…with exciting improvements and additions as we invest in the business over the coming years.”

CON-TEST will keep its name and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions.



About BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions (BGE)

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, BGE is a family-owned company that has been in the business of clean air since 1968. Before the acquisition, BGE had over 220 employees across 7 Western Canadian locations including Vancouver, Prince George, Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. BGE is a fully integrated services and products company specializing in filtration and air quality solutions for large commercial, industrial, and institutional customers who require clean air to protect people, processes, products or equipment. Visit for more details

About Con-Test

Con-Test has been in business since 1978 with a guiding principle of providing customers with peace of mind that their lab equipment and cleanrooms are well maintained and doing their jobs to protect people from potentially harmful airborne contaminants. Headquartered in Ajax Ontario, Con-test has 50 employees including 40 specialized technicians across Canada who test, certify, and maintain biosafety cabinets, fume hoods, numerous HEPA-filtered and other controlled environments like laboratories, cleanrooms, hospital OR’s, and other sterile environments to ensure the cleanest of clean air. Visit for more details.


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Roberta MacGillivray,  Co-Owner and Executive Director, BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions


Rob Chopowick, General Manager, Con-Test