Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring is a Game Changer

May 2, 2021
Ian MacGillivray, VP of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service

Making the invisible, visible: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring is a Game Changer

For over 50 years, our team at BGE has been passionate about delivering clean air to organizations and their buildings; optimizing air quality is the first step towards a healthy indoor air environment where people and businesses thrive. About two years ago, we started an important shift as an organization when we changed our brand from a product-oriented ‘Filter Shop’ to a comprehensive Clean Air Solutions company. As part of this shift, we recently announced that BGE has entered into a strategic reseller partnership with an Indoor Air Quality Monitoring technology company called Kaiterra.

Kaiterra’s suite of products – including the Sensedge and Sensedge Mini – will allow our customers to monitor and visually display the quality of indoor air inside their buildings and across their individual spaces such as offices, meeting rooms, lunch rooms, and lobbies. The devices have sensors that continuously measure and display in real time the levels of various contaminants in the air such as particulate matter (PM 10 and PM 2.5), CO2, TVOC’s, and others.  The Indoor Air Quality Monitoring section on our website will provide you more information.

This technology is particularly important and timely as our customers prepare to welcome back employees and guests into their facilities after over a year of Covid-19 restrictions. People are now keenly aware about the importance of good indoor air quality and will be asking lots of questions as they begin to spend more and more time back at work with hundreds or thousands of people sharing the same building. These new monitoring devices can help assure facilities staff and/or building occupants themselves that they’re breathing clean air.

For over 50 years, we’ve been helping our customers improve their air quality. However, it was difficult, time consuming, and expensive (using industrial IAQ testing equipment) to show them the measurable improvements being made. With this new technology, we are now able to “make the invisible, visible” on a 24-7 basis, which will help further our mission to deliver clean, healthy indoor air environments.

As building owners and operators think ahead to a world where tenants will demand much higher air quality standards, measuring and potentially displaying that quality of indoor air quality will be imperative. Since our launch, interest in these indoor air quality solutions has been extremely high, and the timing for IAQ Monitoring deployment in your building is ideal.

It all starts with a conversation. Our team of Clean Air Advisors is here to discuss how this technology works and how it complements your other health, safety, and IAQ strategies.