A Fireside Chat With Randy Drage

May 2, 2021
BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions

We had the opportunity to sit down with BGE veteran, Randy Drage, as he walked us through some key information for indoor air quality monitoring and how Kaiterra’s Sensedge and Sensedge Mini solution is a game changer for people concerned with indoor air quality.


Thanks for sitting down with us, Randy – we have a few questions that we’d love to pose about indoor air quality monitoring.


BGE: First off, why is being able to monitor indoor air quality important?

RD: Well, to be candid, we are well past the days of being able to put our head in the sand when it comes to our Air Quality and the pandemic has certainly shone a spotlight on the importance of clean air because Covid-19 is an airborne spread virus. Knowing what is going on in your space is the only way to address or control IAQ issues and potential transmission risk.


BGE: So, how did BGE come to discover Kaiterra and its products, and why was it a good fit for us?

RD: For over 50 years, BGE has been passionate about clean air and IAQ.  We have been looking for a way to help people understand what’s happening in their space so we started to explore the available solutions in the market. While comparing a number of technologies, Kaiterra’s suite of solutions stood out as the best and most cost-effective option. We are excited to be the exclusive reseller for these IAQ monitors across Western Canada.


BGE: How do the sensors work?

RD: They are very simple to use. To implement them in your building, you mount them on a wall in the breathing zone and they continuously sample the air and provide real-time reporting. Your data is brought to life with a Dashboard and Live Air App where you can view both real-time and historical data, identify trends, set up alerts and download for further analysis.


BGE: How many products are offered? What is the difference?  

RD: We offer 3 different models: The first is the Sensedge. It comes with a built-in screen to display your indoor air quality.  And there are also 2 models of the Sensedge Mini which does not have a screen on the unit. Both operate in the same manner, but one model is POE (power over ethernet) equipped.


BGE: How many sensors would be needed for a space? How do you determine that?

RD: This is done in conjunction with the building representative and is determined by a number of factors including square footage, layout of the spaces, the usage and personnel load, etc. in the space. Each building is, of course, different so our team is there to help you map out the right number of sensors for your building.


BGE: What sorts of contaminants do these monitoring sensors measure?

RD: Currently, they monitor Particulate, TVOC, CO2, Temperature and Humidity and Kaiterra is developing a number of additional modules that will increase the number of contaminants you can monitor.


BGE: Can these monitors tie into building management systems? What is the benefit of that?

RD: Absolutely, they can easily tie into your BMS and can be used to trigger events such as an alert to adjust system air flow if the values begin to rise, for example. It is a great management tool in that respect.


BGE: Are there any building certifications that indoor air quality monitoring solutions like this helps to achieve?

RD: Yes, there are many Certifications we can help you achieve including: Well V2, Leed, Reset, The Living Building Challenge and Fitwel.


BGE: I’ve done some research into these solutions and it seems like a lot of them are subscription based. Is this one?

RD: That is one of the best features of these monitors, there are no subscription fees to access your data. When you purchase the devices you also get the software and there are no hidden fees. It is a really cost-effective solution.


BGE: I am concerned about data security. What safeguards are in place?

RD: BGE and Kaiterra take data security seriously and care about the integrity of your information. Utilizing end-to-end SSL/TLS encryption, the devices provide maximum security for data transfer.


Thank you for your time today, Randy!