Airports are extremely busy sites with many moving parts. From flights coming in and out to the many amenities in airports, these environments require various types of filtration solutions to ensure their proper and safe operations. Our highly skilled staff uses their in-depth knowledge of filtration and our many products to ensure that we are able to bring the optimal IAQ to these facilities.


  • General Filtration: Airports are busy hubs that are visited by people from all over the world. Each year airports accommodate hundreds of thousands of people of all ages, with varying immune systems, making clean air that is free of contamination a critical element in these environments. From their waiting halls and security areas, to lobbies and baggage rooms, we make sure that there are proper systems in place to keep the IAQ in these spaces healthy and clean.
  • Contaminants: Airports connect travellers from all over the world and expose indoor air environments to a number of contaminants and micro-organisms. Our solutions provide proper filtration to airports to help protect passengers and reduce the spread of potentially harmful contaminants.
  • Fuel: Airplanes generate toxic fumes which produces corrosive gases that are harmful to not just the staff and passengers at airports, but also to the expensive machinery that is often required to run an airport. We make sure to implement the proper systems required to keep the corrosive gases away from the expensive electronics and instrumentation as well as the people in an airport.
  • Accommodation: Airports often have hotel accommodations for passengers which will also require unique filtration solutions. We utilize our expertise to ensure the proper filtration in these spaces, keeping the IAQ clean and healthy.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants and dining areas are a common component of airports. These spaces need a high level of cleanliness to ensure there are no contaminants in the kitchen spaces where the food is being prepared and consumed.  With a number of restaurants in a small space, it is also important to eliminate grease and odours from escaping food preparation areas and travelling to other areas of the airport. Our team can provide the correct solutions for kitchen and food court applications with high temperature and gas phase filters to keep these spaces running effectively.

Why Choose BGE

At BGE, we have years of experience working with airports, giving us a thorough understanding of the various moving components in these environments. In addition to working with facilities to provide the correct solution for particulates and airborne contamination, our trained professionals have the experience to develop long-term corrosion control products for the jet engine exhaust and provide ongoing testing to ensure its efficiency. Out team is fully bondable and has security clearance to be able to consult in restricted areas in a timely manner.




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