Power Generation/Utilities

Power generation filtration systems have to be highly resilient and capable of handling wide temperature and stress margins. Small gains in efficiency can mean huge savings. Operational savings can be achieved through improved compressor performance. Operators can see greatly reduced maintenance costs as a result of a much cleaner engine, quantified by less frequent inspections, fewer shutdowns, and higher availability.


Our expertise with power generation and other large industrial facilities enables us to provide superior services and products to meet and exceed the rigorous requirements to optimize equipment efficiencies and to build a clean, healthy indoor environment.

  • Particulate filtration: Several stages of filtration products may be required to protect combustion turbines. BGE offers custom tailored solutions for all stages of filtration.
  • Gas-phase media: Contaminates and chemical by-products need to be mitigated and controlled to protect critical equipment and people. BGE offers custom tailored solutions for all levels of filtration.
  • HEPA filtration: Higher levels of filtration is required to maintain optimum efficiency throughout the generation process.
  • Cartridge and barrier filters: BGE’s extensive vendor network allows us to provide the right filter at the right time. BGE is a partner with AAF, a leader in power generation to provide the best solutions for power generation.

Why Choose BGE

Our years of experience in power generation have enabled us to achieve a high standard of service and products. With our decades of experience, our portfolio of products and services designed specifically for power generation we are able to provide the best filtration solution for you.




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