Mining & Smelting

Mining & smelting operations present multiple challenges for indoor air quality such as dust and particulate, high temperatures, high humidity, and gases. Good indoor air quality is vital for controlling dust and gases from mining & smelting processes to meet environmental regulations while protecting your people, processes, and equipment.


Our expertise within the mining & smelting enable us to provide superior services and products to meet the rigorous requirements to build a clean, healthy indoor environment.

  • Particulate filtration: Several stages of filtration products are required to protect your people, processes, and equipment. BGE offers custom tailored solutions for all levels of filtration.
  • Gas-phase media: Chemical by-products need to be mitigated and controlled to protect critical equipment and people. BGE offers custom tailored solutions for all levels of filtration.
  • Vendor managed inventory: VMI allows facilities to streamline their supply chain. BGE will manage the inventory for you while being able to monitor, optimize and maintain optimum inventory levels.
  • Bag and tag programs: Bag and tag programs are designed to create efficiencies for the filter maintenance program.

Why Choose BGE

Our years of experience in Mining & Smelting have enabled us to achieve a high standard of service and products. Along with our decades of experience, our portfolio of products and services are designed to provide the best filtration solution for you.




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