Warehouses, Distribution Centres

Warehouse & Distribution Centres face the challenge of operating in a dusty and dirty indoor environment. In addition to particulate, pollution and exhaust are common contaminants. Having a clean, healthy indoor environment will positively impact your people and products.


  • Particulate filtration: Several stages of filtration products are required to protect your people, processes, and equipment. BGE offers custom tailored solutions for all levels of filtration.
  • Indoor Air Quality assessments
  • Optimizing IAQ Spend: Approximately 50% of a buildings energy consumption goes to heating, cooling, and circulating air. Our experts can provide complementary building surveys to optimize your IAQ spend.

Why Choose BGE

Our portfolio of products and services designed specifically for the Warehouse & Distribution Centres provide the best filtration solutions for our clients. Let our professionals provide the guidance and analysis needed at your facility to protect your people, equipment, processes and facilities.