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2022 NAFA Award Winners– Bird Construction / Shell Scotford Administration Building 1A

BGE would like to congratulate Jason Dmetruck and his team of technicians from Bird Construction on being awarded a 2022 NAFA Clean Air Award for the Shell Scotford Administration Building 1A.


The awarded building is 140,000 sq ft and is connected via pedways to the new Administration Building IB (also a previous NAFA Award recipient) at Shell Scotford Refinery located outside Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.  Being a heavy industrial complex with chemicals, gases and other compounds, maintaining good quality indoor air is an important priority for keeping their occupants safe.  To achieve this award, they replaced the gasketing on some of their HVAC systems, they recalibrated the pressure gauges, upgraded to MERV 15 filters and changed prefilters from a MERV 8 to MERV 13.

By working in partnership with BGE Advisor Brian Worsdall, and through due diligence and following IAQ and building HVAC best practices, Bird Construction continues to take proactive measures to not only protect the people in the complex, but those living and working near the site.  

According to Dmetruck, “Bird Construction sees the value in making constant improvements to IAQ because we believe it’s necessary and aligned with how we want to manage this building to protect the people in it.”


Congratulations on your 2022 NAFA Clean Air Award! 




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