Clean Air Club has officially joined the BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions family!

November 17, 2021
BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Homeowners in Edmonton can now enjoy the convenience of a seasonal subscription for premium air filters, delivered right to your front door.

Clean Air Club offers a simple solution to the time-consuming and often forgotten chore of replacing your indoor home air filters. Most of us don’t think about our home air quality until we see dust particles floating around, piling up on the furniture, or causing people to cough and sniffle. Our new services will help you save time and money, all while keeping the best interest of your family’s health in mind.

Getting started is simple.

  1. Select the filter size you need at
  2. Schedule a frequency for your seasonal deliveries
  3. Breathe easy, knowing your filter will arrive, exactly when you need it

We are devoted to teaching homeowners about how filters work, why they are made the way they are, and what you need to know about finding the right fit for your home.

Home Air Filter Facts:

  • Most manufacturers suggest replacing basic 1- to 3- inch air filters every 90 days (about 3 months)
  • If someone in your home suffers from allergies, upgrading your filter can ease their suffering
  • MERV 13 rated filters have become the recommended rating for air filters for healthy homes and workplaces
  • At Clean Air Club, we care about your well-being and have made the MERV 13 filter our standard by default. MERV 13 filters will help protect against even the smallest particles, like viruses, cooking oil and cigarette smoke. For more information on how to monitor and control your indoor home air quality, visit the Clean Air Insights blog.
  • With our commitment to quality, convenience, selection and customer service, we deliver peace of mind with the right home air filter, exactly when you need it. Visit our website at and start receiving automatic scheduled deliveries of premium home air filters today.

For more information, visit or connect with one of our Customer Care advisors.