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Pro-Tech Gold

The Pro-Tech Gold is great for use in all types of HVAC systems and cross flow paint booth applications.



The Pro-Tech Gold pre-filter comes in MERV 7.


Dust Holding Capacity

The downstream layer of the Pro-Tech Gold is impregnated with a dust catching tackifier that prevents dust from migrating onto equipment or personnel.


Initial Resistance

The Pro-Tech Gold has an initial resistance of 0.21” W.G. at 300 FPM.


Final Resistance

The Pro-Tech Gold has a final resistance of 0.50” W.G. at 300 FPM.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Self Supporting:
    panels consist of a welded 9 gauge galvanized wire support frame with 2 extra cross members heat sealed between 2 layers of non-woven polyester media
  • Safe and easy to handle:
    individual, self-supported panel filters “link” together and heat seal around the perimeter and between individual filters. This results in no space for unfiltered air to penetrate and joint leakage is eliminated
  • Easy Installation:
    change-out time is substantially reduced over that of individual panel filters and can be accomplished without the use of metal hooks or special tools

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