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Did you know that the indoor air environment can be five times more polluted than the outdoors? On average, you spend 90% of your time indoors. The home is supposed to be a place of leisure, rest and recovery but it can be contaminated with pollen, smoke, car exhaust, dander, and allergens. This can also include cleaning products, mold, and viruses. WIthout proper ventilation and filtration, harmful indoor air can stay within the home and enhance pre-existing conditions. Throughout Western Canada, we have been experiencing the effects of forest fire smoke that has prompted the government of Canada to issue air quality warnings throughout the years. Warnings urge children, elderly, and at risk individuals to stay indoors. This drives the need to increase filtration efficiency and use of different products such as Carbon filters to remove odour particulates from your home.


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With over 50 years of experience, we have been able to achieve a high standard of service and products. With our portfolio of services and products designed specifically for homes and condominiums, we are able to provide the best filtration solution for you.




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