Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatments are a fundamental necessity in operating communities, and the nature of their role requires them to be as close to the communities that they are serving as possible. Since these facilities often use or produce toxic gases that are harmful to human life, corrosive to electronics and safety controls and often cause odour, it is important to have the proper filtration and emergency control systems set up in these facilities to ensure the safety and comfort of the communities.


  • Odour Control: One of the common by-product of these facilities is methane gas, which tends to have a rancid smell that causes discomfort to those around these treatment facilities. With the proper filtration products and procedures, we make sure that these odours are kept in control and away from the nearby communities.
  • Corrosion Control: The methane gas produced at these facilities are also corrosive, and can potentially cause havoc to the instrumentation used for their operations. We make sure to eliminate any damage to and protect critical environments by implementing the proper filtration systems.
  • Risk Management: Product used in treating waste-water and the gases created can be lethal. A properly designed, monitored and maintained system mitigates risk to human life in toxic gas releases.

Why Choose BGE

At BGE, our years of experience working in the sector has allowed us to build partnerships with some of the best suppliers, giving us the ability to provide the right blend of products for the unique needs in these facilities. Our skilled technicians are trained to provide ongoing monitor, and changeouts as needed. Providing filtration services at waste-water treatment facilities can be a rather dirty job, but our team is happy to take on the challenge.




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