Solid Waste & Recycling

Solid waste and recycling facilities are pivotal parts of a community, and play a vital role in waste management and reuse. Common by-products of their operations are noxious odours, toxic waste and corrosive gases, that need to be managed with the proper filtration systems. We employ the right products and services to ensure that the communities surrounding these facilities are kept safe from any harmful contaminants.


  • Toxic gases: The landfills which house a community’s solid waste often tend to trap toxic gases such as methane amongst the solid waste. These gases need to be constantly ventilated, requiring the proper filtration systems to keep the odours of the gases contained. More recently, the methane produced in these landfills has also been captured to be reused as biofuel. We have the ability to provide the filtration solutions required to assist with the capturing process.
  • Toxic waste: Landfills are important spaces that gather toxic waste from multiple communities. The proper filtration in these facilities plays a crucial role in the safety of the nearby communities as well as the staff working in these spaces. Our filtration solutions ensure the safety of the people in and around these facilities.

Why Choose BGE

Having worked in the sector for many years, we possess an in-depth understanding of these applications, which allows us to recommend and implement the right filtrations solutions needed to keep these crucial facilities safe and contained.




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