Schools shape the hearts and minds responsible for the future of our communities. Aside from giving students the right tools to learn, develop and thrive, schools are also responsible for keeping our kids healthy and safe. We also need to look out for the teachers and administrators that keep schools running at their best.

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Clean Air Matters at Schools

Proper filtration and ventilation help:

Reduce or eliminate harmful particulate
and airborne pathogens from the air

Reduce CO2 and maintain healthy levels of
oxygen for learning

Prevent outdoor pollutants from entering buildings

Provide peace of mind for parents, teachers,
and students

Improve focus and productivity

Optimizing ventilation and filtration can often be a challenge within the budgetary constraints faced by schools and school boards.

Talk to us so we can design a custom solution that fits
your needs and your budget.

A Unique Solution for Every School

At BGE, we know there is no one size fits all solution. We take a “prevent and protect” approach, working alongside schools and school boards to optimize existing infrastructure and devise high-impact improvements that balance their needs with their budget and other constraints.

BGE Prevent & Protect Approach


We’ll do a thorough and independent assessment of both your occupied spaces and the systems that deliver air into those spaces – from air intakes & air handling units to ducts and filtration. We’ll produce a scorecard for your spaces and systems, identify areas of concern or risk, and give you a set of recommendations for improvement.


We develop actionable plans for achieving your indoor air quality goals as well as improving energy consumption, equipment life span, and your total costs.

3. Implement

Our experts can handle the changes, repairs, repairs, and upgrades required, making sure everything is working the way it should be.

4. Monitor & Maintain

We’ll develop a customized monitoring and preventative maintenance schedule to lower your long-term overall costs, extend the lifespan of your equipment & filtration, and let you breathe easy all year long.

Talk to us so we can design a custom solution that fits
your needs and your budget.

Case Study

Wetaskiwin regional public school division

Wetaskiwin Regional Public School Division engaged BGE to assess the indoor air quality of their schools, and to find ways to improve their indoor air system within their existing infrastructure and budget.

After an in-depth initial assessment, our recommendation was to upgrade their filters to get better filtration and to reduce their frequency of changeouts, thereby reducing annual labour and maintenance costs. The new filter would work with their existing HVAC system, and did not require any mechanical upgrades.

We validated our recommendation with a pilot in Wetaskiwin Composite High School. Once we were confident with the results, we rolled out this solution across all 17 schools within the division. As a result, Wetaskiwin Composite High School was able to create a healthier, more productive environment at a lower overall cost.

- 0 %
Annual cost
of filters
Schools with
improved filtration
0 %
in waste

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