Schools are crucial spaces that require a productive and healthy environment for students of varying ages, the faculty, and supporting staff. However, school divisions are commonly faced with budget constraints, making it difficult to provide healthy learning environments through increase air changes and proper particulate filtration. Poor indoor air quality often has some of the greatest negative implications towards the developing respiratory systems of young children, making it more important to provide clean air to classrooms. At BGE, our goal is to provide schools with a clean, healthy learning environment through the development of unique solutions while working with in the budgets and existing infrastructure of each school district.


  • IAQ Monitoring: We can monitor and evaluate the existing filtration systems by providing comprehensive indoor air quality reports to school boards, complete with recommendations that will enable them to provide a healthy indoor environment for their current and prospective students. 
  • Updated Infrastructure: Schools are constantly being modified to provide students with the optimal learning environment. We work with school divisions to recommend solutions to existing infrastructure to improve performance and maintain a high standard of indoor air quality through replacement and modification of existing systems.
  • General Air Filtration: We work with the varying infrastructures at schools to provide the proper filtration required in many parts of the facility. From classrooms to cafeterias, we provide custom filtration solutions to each unique space.
  • Specialized filtration systems: Schools often have unique spaces such as wood shops and mechanic shops that require specialized filtration solutions. Our services and custom products ensure that we are able to facilitate the proper IAQ in these environments. 

Why Choose BGE

At BGE, we have vast experience working with schools boards, allowing us a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges they face. Our ability to provide custom filtration solutions ensures that we are able to meet the many unique needs that are commonly present at schools. We also understand that schools run on their own timelines, creating the need for unique changeout schedules. We closely work with the schools boards to not just provide schedules and custom packaged shipments to meet their changeout times, but we also assist with the necessary services.