Post-Secondary Campuses

Post-secondary institutions are fascinating spaces with several unique environments within them. From classrooms and dormitories to restaurants and research labs, these institutions exist much like mini cities. Due to the multitude of unique filtration needs and fiscal constraints that govern post-secondary institutions, we are able to custom tailor a solution for each environment. At BGE, our goal is to provide the right filtration solutions to best support the important work and learning that happens in these institutions.


  • Classrooms and Offices: Classrooms and offices are a huge part of post-secondary campuses requiring a healthy IAQ that promotes learning and work.
  • Sports Facilities: Campuses often have various sports and fitness facilities such as gyms, pools, courts etc. Each of these spaces have their unique filtration needs, which we are able to solve with our specialized services and products.
  • Research Labs: Post-secondary institutions are often settings for groundbreaking research and development being done in labs and research facilities. These spaces require high levels of cleanliness, which we are able to provide with our vast experience working in bio-science and laboratory facilities.
  • Art Rooms: The arts often have spaces for special projects such as industrial art, building sets, facilities production etc. We understand the need for the unique filtration solutions in these spaces, and are able to provide them through our products and services.
  • Archives: Archives and libraries are unique areas protect important artwork and artifacts. These sensitive spaces have very specific filtration needs, which are vital to the preservation of their artifacts.
  • Retrofits: Universities are constantly changing and growing, with buildings often being repurposed. At BGE, we have the ability to retrofits to make sure that the air quality meets the new need that is there.

Why Choose BGE

At BGE, we have been working with post-secondary institutions for over 50 years. In our years of experience, we have gained insights on the filtration requirements of these spaces, their struggles, and how best to provide solutions for them. These solutions involve recommending the best products for the many unique applications, training their facilities personnel (Clean Air Clinics), providing service labour, and even setting up proper preventative maintenance programs. Through these solutions and our quick response or turn around time, we can also help post secondary institutions achieve their environmental goals by reducing waste and thus their carbon footprint.




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