Oil, Gas, Petrochemical

Oil, gas and petrochemical plants rely on steady performance, system up-time, equipment reliability and availability. Providing the right solutions is critical to maintain a productive, clean and safe working environment. These facilities experience a wide variety of contaminants and risks such as extreme dust levels, equipment failure and shut downs, airborne hydrocarbons, corrosive gases and other general hazards.


Maintaining plant operations and protecting the critical operations on site requires the right solution for each unique application. To minimize downtime, we offer a breadth of products and services engineered to protect your equipment, processes and the people around them.

  • Gas phase filtration media & odour control
  • Corrosion prevention programs for electrical equipment
  • Filtration products and preventative maintenance guidelines
  • Vendor managed inventory programs
  • Natural gas and steam turbine filtration systems in Co-Generation plants
  • Bag & Tag supply offerings
  • Labour services
  • HEPA filtration and certification
  • Air monitoring and gas detection services
  • Dust collection equipment
  • Custom tailored solutions

Why Choose BGE

We have been operating in the oil, gas, and petrochemical sector for over 50 years with a proven safety record. In our decades of experience, we have refined our products and processes to meet the demanding needs of the facilities in which we work. We understand the intricate requirements in this sector, and have spent years developing products that are not just reliable, but also cost-efficient. Our expert service, supply, and manufacturing ability is why our clients rely on us for the safe and efficient operation of their facilities. At BGE, we partner with you to give you the needed support every step of the way. From the commissioning of the plant to any emergencies and fires, you can count on us to provide you with the best solutions. Let our professionals provide the guidance and analysis needed at your facility to protect your people, equipment, processes and facilities.




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