Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Effective air filtration solutions plays a key role in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Not only do they maintain the integrity of the processes, but they also help with keeping costs down. At BGE, we are equipped with the tools and skills necessary to provide you a filtration system that is efficient in energy consumption, and is able to provide a high standard of cleanliness that is required in these environments.


Different areas of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities require varying types of filtration solutions. Our vast array of offerings ensures that each of these spaces are serviced with the products and services required to meet stringent health and safety requirements of the industry.

  • We have the ability to create cleanrooms, which are controlled environments that utilize high quality filtration systems to project not just the processes but also the personnel.
  • When pharmaceuticals such as vitamins are being mass produced, there is often plenty of dust collection which needs to happen in order to keep the space clean and free of contaminants.
  • Proper filtration is an essential part of R & D processes in pharmaceutical facilities. These spaces often have professionals working with organisms and chemicals at the microscopic level, requiring a contaminant-free, clean environment. We make sure to provide solutions that keep any intermediaries out of the chemical and biological processes that occur in these environments.
  • Our expertly designed products and services also play a key role in quality assurance at these facilities as well. Our skilled team is able to ensure that the environment has the level of cleanliness required to detect any inconsistencies or issues with the products.

Why Choose BGE

At BGE, not only do we bring years of experience in the industry which has allowed us to provide you with the optimal products and services for your needs, but we make sure that we are partnering with you every step of the way. We work closely with you not just during the process of setting up your filtration systems, but also after to ensure that your systems are being monitored for their efficiency. Our job is to not just provide you with the best filtration solutions, but also to make sure those systems are doing their job.




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