Hospitals & Clinics

Hospitals and clinics are complex environments that require special attention to ensure clean, healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) to protect patients and healthcare workers. These are spaces where people go for wellness and healing, however these are often some of the most contaminated environments. Hospitals need various types of filtration services to service varying levels of cleanliness needs in the many areas of their facilities.


Our expertise working with hospitals and clinics allows us to provide superior products and services that match the demanding needs of air quality in hospitals. Whether it is containing contaminants within an enclosed space, or keeping contaminants out of areas, we are able to successfully deliver on the efficiency needed to maintain the quality of a hospital or clinics delicate environments.

  • Operating rooms, ICUs and isolation rooms are the most demanding environments in a hospital. We understand the importance of clean air for the safety of not just the patients, but also the staff in these critical environments. Our services ensure a safe environment that not just keeps the patients safe from external contaminants, but also provides the filtration necessary to keep those around the patients safe from any contagious diseases and contaminants.
  • IVF labs and clinics are in-vitro fertilization labs that require high standards of cleanliness to ensure the proper execution of procedures. At BGE, we recognize the impact contaminated air can have on the success of these procedures, and have great experience in ensuring the optimal IAQ for these critical spaces.
  • Air filtration services are vastly important in those spaces of hospitals and clinics that house expensive imaging equipment. These instruments are often highly sensitive, needing proper filtration and care to ensure their ability to operate effectively and their durability.
  • Hospitals and clinics also include environments that produce and serve food for patients, staff, and visitors. These spaces need the correct filtration solutions to guarantee that they are protected from any contaminants from other areas of the facility.
  • Many hospitals often have helipads located on their roofs. While these on-site helipads are convenient, they pose a threat to the hospital’s air quality due to their close proximity to the hospital’s air intake units. At BGE, we make sure to provide the right products and services require to eliminate contaminants such as diesel or Jet fumes from entering the hospital through the air intakes.

Why Choose BGE

Our years of experience working with hospitals and clinics has enabled us to achieve a high standard of efficiency in air quality, which is of vital importance in these delicate environments. A lot of the filtration needs in these spaces require certified HEPA filters, which we can not just provide and install, but can also conduct the fit tests, inspections, and monitoring needed to ensure their proper operations. At BGE, we also believe in empowering our clients with the proper education on filtration. We want to bring you the right products with the right changeout cycles, but we also want to give you the tools needed to successfully manage your system on your own. Our team can work closely with your staff and facility managers to train and certify them to be able to manage your facility’s filtration systems on their own.




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