Compounding Pharmacies

Compounding pharmacies are environments where professionals work with live compounds such as IV medication and chemotherapy regularly. These are critical spaces where technicians are mixing various compounds to create patient specific medication, requiring a high level of air cleanliness. With an increase in the popularity of compound medications, there is a rise in the number of compounding pharmacies. At BGE, our goal is to ensure that compounding pharmacies are meeting the correct safety qualifications and standards.


Our expertise working in compounding pharmacies and other health and safety environments enables us to provide filtration solutions to all parts of compounding pharmacies.

  • Compounding pharmacies often involve technicians working with highly aggressive medication, requiring biosafety cabinets and/or clean benches that not only keep the medication free of contaminants, but also keep the technicians safe from the medication.
  • Pharmacies in general are environments that are visited by patients and include sensitive medication, requiring a clean and efficient indoor air environment.

Why Choose BGE

At BGE, our years of experience and our team of trained technicians allows us to ensure that your compounding pharmacies are meeting the safety standards and regulations. Additionally, our technicians are also Registered Cleanroom Certification Professionals for Sterile Compounding Facilities with the ability to offer NAPRA, USP compliance solutions to your compounding facility.




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