Biotech & Laboratories

Biotech rooms and laboratories are spaces where professions work on sensitive projects such as developing vaccines and engaging with superviruses. Clean air is vital in these environments for the integrity of the work being done. We ensure that these spaces have the proper filtration and air-flow necessary to not just keep these containment units contaminant free, but to also keep the professionals working in them safe from any infections.


We recognize the important role of clean air in biotech rooms and laboratories. Our diverse experience in the industry has equipped us to cater to the different needs in these environments.

  • Compounding pharmacies often involve technicians working with highly aggressive medication, requiring biosafety cabinets and/or clean benches that not only keep the medication free of contaminants, but also keep the technicians safe from the medication.
  • We have the ability to create cleanrooms, which are controlled environments that utilize high efficiency filtration systems to project not just the processes but also the personnel.
  • We make sure that the air handling units are able to meet the high standards of clean air needed in these environments, while also keeping the equipment and maintenance costs as low as possible.

Why Choose BGE

At BGE, not only do we have the experience needed to bring you the best products and services for your needs, but we can also provide the certifications required to meet the stringent industry standards.




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