Indoor Agriculture

The indoor agriculture industry face significant challenges regarding air quality. Challenges affecting grow facilities include controlling growing conditions to optimize the product quality and yield, protecting equipment, processes, and people. Factors affecting product quality and yield include: humidity, temperature control, inorganic and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and gaseous contaminants. Our customer focused solutions allow us to identify and control these components of the production process to help reduce harmful airborne contaminants like micro-organisms.


BGE will be with you every step of the way to mitigate challenges and areas of concern. We offer:

  • Particulate filtration
  • Gas-Phase media
  • HEPA filtration
  • Equipment and housings
  • Facility and system surveys
  • Indoor air quality assessments and testing
  • Filtration management programs
  • Vendor managed inventory

Why Choose BGE

BGE has implemented a stringent, phased approach that take all factors affecting Indoor Agriculture production into consideration. As there are diverse geographical regions in western canada, factors to keep in mind are temperature, humidity, production locations, and daylight hours. Our phased approach involves facility and system surveys to identify the production facility and growing conditions such as air handling units, odour control equipment, cleaning equipment and processes, and current filtration requirements. Indoor air quality assessments and testing are conducted to identify inorganic and volatile organic compounds, gaseous contaminants, humidity, and temperature. With all of this information, we provide custom-tailored solutions involving particulate filtration, HEPA filtration, Gas-Phase media, equipment, and filtration programs to build a clean, healthy indoor air environment.




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