IAQ transparency was a key driver for NAFA Clean Air Awards

December 2, 2022
BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Congratulations to the Regina RCMP Academy, Depot Division – Fort Dufferin, Fort MacLeod and Fort Walsh Buildings


The RCMP Academy, Depot Division in Regina is the police training academy for Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) “cadets.” It is also home to three buildings that were all recently awarded 2022 NAFA Clean Air Awards.

Fort Dufferin is a four-story RCMP cadet dormitory that provides living quarters for up to 224 cadets while they are in training.  The building also includes the division’s main reception area as well as administrative offices, service spaces, and lounges.

Fort MacLeod is the second four-story building that contains cadet accommodations along with classroom-style training rooms on the main floor. The third building is Fort Walsh, and it is primarily used for cadet accommodations.

The RCMP Regina Depot Division felt it was essential to take additional IAQ measures to reduce the airborne transmission of COVID-19 in their spaces and to ensure healthy, indoor air quality for all of the building occupants.

Working with David Crompton RSE, Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor at the RCMP Regina Academy Depot Division, BGE Clean Air Advisor Mike Gerald conducted detailed Aircheck assessments of each building to see if any improvements could be made.

Based on the findings, a plan was actioned to increase filter efficiency for units with 2-stage filtration and upgrade to BGE MERV 9 pre-filters and MERV 15 final filters.  These improvements helped to earn each building a 2022 NAFA Clean Air Award.

NAFA Clean Air Award logo 2022

According to David, “it was important for us to submit for a NAFA award because we want people on-site to be aware of how much we care about IAQ and that we have taken measures to ensure our building provides high levels of indoor air quality.” David also said, “we will continue to focus on ways to combat Covid, keep people healthy, and provide improved IAQ at the same time.

Congratulations to David, Mike, and the RCMP Regina Depot Division on this award.

If you would like to learn more about qualifying for a NAFA Clean Air Award, contact your local BGE Clean Air Advisor or visit the NAFA website for details: https://www.nafahq.org/nafa-programs/nafa-clean-air-award-program/