In January 2022, BGE presented a three-part webinar series, “Clean Air, Healthy Schools”, to help administrators, facility managers and health and safety professionals develop a roadmap for improving indoor air quality in K-12 schools.

  1. Webinar one provided an overview of indoor air quality, airborne transmission, and developing a roadmap for clean, healthy indoor air in schools. 
  2. The second webinar was technically focused with tips and tools to best optimize your existing central HVAC and filtration systems for better IAQ. 
  3. Webinar three was dedicated to portable room air purifiers and the details you need to know before purchasing or implementing this equipment.   

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Part 1: A Roadmap for Clean, Healthy Indoor Air in K-12 Schools

Part 2: Optimizing your Existing Central HVAC & Filtration Systems for Better IAQ in Schools

Part 3: Portable Air Purifiers in Schools: Important Facts, Considerations, and Decisions to Make Before Investing.

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