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Facility & Filtration System Survey

“If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t filter” ~ Darrel Sutton, Founder of BGE

At BGE, we’ve always believed that quality filtration can only be achieved if the right solution is selected and installed well. Providing the right solution is important for us and having the technical understanding of the air handling units, filtration systems, requirements, and activities within the space guides us in developing the right solution for your facility. We offer complimentary Facility and Filtration System Surveys for your organization.

Our experienced team of NAFA Certified Air Filter Specialists approaches Facility and Filtration System Surveys as an opportunity to document the baseline performance of each filtration system while identifying the needs of your facility.  Our team will survey the entire facility in regards to filtration needs by taking an inventory of all air handling units, filtration systems, requirements and activities.  Our team will also consult with key players from your organization to get a better understanding of the challenges and concerns with regards to air filtration.

Once we gather all the pertinent information, we develop a detailed report that provides the inventory of all air handling systems, filtration products & sizes, estimated inspection and change intervals as well as any recommendations to improve the overall state of your filtration program.

This report will be presented along with recommendations for improvement to your organization. From that, BGE can formulate a custom-tailored action plan to help consistent delivery of clean air to your space.