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Purafil’s PuraGRID® is a modern new filter design that supplies a large amount of chemical filtration with a minimal amount of pressure drop. This filter offers increased operational performance and energy savings for many indoor applications. The PuraGRID can be constructed with several different chemical medias to tailor the solution to specific needs.


Due to the large number of cells in each GridBlok, the contact area between the adsorbent layer and the airstream that travels inside the cells is very large. As the air is forced through the GridBlok, removal of chemical contaminants takes place

Media Capacity

Depending on the size, the PuraGrid can accommodate between 4.2lb and 21.6lb per filter


Available in 2” and 4” depths

Pressure Drop

The pressure drop is 0.29” In W.G. and 0.58” In W.G. for 2” and 4” respectively.


The PuraGrid is constructed of galvanized steel

Key Features & Benefits

  • No bypass – all of the air goes through the filter
  • Low pressure drop – provides for energy savings
  • Full utilization of the media – removal efficiencies and capacities comparable to granular media
  • For more information, download PDF spec sheet
  • The GridBlok manufacturing is a closed-loop process and does not produce waste. The PuraGrid filter uses recycled frame and screen materials with a compressible partition made from 75% recycled post-consumer content.
  • Self supporting – No Threat of Media Settling

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