Industrial Sewing Equipment Services

Our Industrial Sewing Equipment Services division provides a full range of services related to industrial sewing. Our supply and service approach expands in this division as well, allowing us to provide everything from new equipment, installations and machine modification to repair and maintenance of equipment.

What's Involved?

Our experienced team approaches indoor air quality testing and assessment with a 3-step process which ensures that we are providing solutions that suit your needs.


We bring our industrial sewing clients a wide range of services that service industries such as needle trades, fashion retail, and embroidery. Our offerings include equipment set up, installation, upgrade, modification and engineering. We also provide consultation on the maintenance and reliability of the equipment.


Repairs are an important part of the industry, and our expertise and experience ensure that we are able to provide repair services to all makes and models of equipment. We also offer a preventative maintenance program to ensure that your products are being cared for regularly to avoid premature product replacement.


We understand that efficiency and technology go hand in hand. Our custom machine automation service ensures the efficiency that your machines require for your level of production.