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VariCel® II MH

The combination of unique design and metal cell sides and headers means the VariCel II MH filter works well in turbulent operating conditions and in environments where high moisture content is an issue.



AAF’s VariCel II MH is available in MERV 11, MERV 13, and MERV 14 efficiencies.


Dust Holding Capacity

VariCel II MH filter media is made of microglass paper with a water-repellent binder which is formed using dual density media. This allows particles to be collected throughout the full thickness of the media, substantially increasing dust holding capacity.



The VariCel II MH is available in a 4” depth.


Initial Resistance

The initial resistance of the VariCel II MH is 0.50” In W.G. for MERV 11, 0.70” In W.G. for MERV 13 and 0.75” In W.G. for MERV 14.


Final Resistance

The recommended final resistance of the VariCel II MH is 1.5” In W.G.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Metal construction improves performance under the most difficult operating conditions
  • Superior moisture resistance
  • True high-efficiency filters
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Available with antimicrobial
  • For size and performance data, download PDF spec sheet

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