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8000 Excell

8000 Excell filters are designed for air filtration in industrial HVAC systems and suitable for installation where dust-loading conditions are extremely heavy. Typical applications would include compressor intakes, blower intakes, mining applications, turbine intakes and process equipment protection.


Dust Holding Capacity

The fibers on the air-entering-side of the media pad are interlaced with an open pattern that becomes increasingly tighter toward the air-leaving-side. This unique construction allows the filter to hold more dirt throughout its entire depth.



The 8000 Excell filter comes in 2” and 4” depths.


Initial Resistance

The initial resistance of the 8000 Excell media is 0.41” in W.G for the 2” filter depth, and it is 0.38” in W.G. for the 4” filter depth.


Final Resistance

The final resistance of the 8000 Excell media is 1.0” W.G for both 2” and 4” depths.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for severe environments:
    built to withstand heavy dust loading conditions
  • Durable in hostile environments:
    span stitched pocket assembly and double stitched, taped pocket edges
  • More media surface area:
    contains more glass fibre per square foot than standard filters
  • Progressive media density compression:
    unique fiber construction that more dust holding capacity


  • Increased Arrestance:
    increased compression density leads to an increased arrestance
  • Industrial Grade Adhesive:
    keeps accumulated dirt trapped
  • High Compression Strength:
    formulated thermoset resin

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