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OptiFlo® RC

AAF’s OptiFlo® RC is an industrial dry dust collector and the optimum solution for a wide variety of industrial air pollution control issues. Working in synergy with AAF’s class-leading REDClean® cartridges, maximizes filtration efficiency, extends filtration life, reduces operational pressure drop and lowers compressed air consumption.


Utilizes the REDClean® N Cartridge – 99.99% Efficient Nanofiber MERV 15

Initial Resistance

Utilizing AAF's class-leading REDClean® cartridges, operational pressure drop is reduced while lowering compressed air consumption


Modular Carbon Steel Construction with Interior Primer and Exterior Textured Enamel Finish


60 Degree Hoppers with 48” Hopper Clearance

Key Features & Benefits

  • Compact modular design for small footprint requirements
  • Slimline inlet reduces turbulence, which minimizes cartridge and media abrasion
  • Adjustable quick access latch and hinged door greatly reduces cartridge change-out time
  • Designed to meet ATEX regulations for combustible dust hazards
  • Improved pulsing reduces compressed air usage and increases filter efficiency
  • Utilization of industry leading REDClean® cartridge nanofiber media
  • For more information and performance data, download PDF spec sheet

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