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AstroSeal® Type S

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of HEPA filter applications, AAF’s AstroSeal® Type S housings are engineered to perform reliably, even in the toughest environments.

Double Door Accessibility

A second door is available on units up to three filters wide. Two doors are standard on units 4 through 6 filters wide.

One-Half Size Units

Housings are available in one-half sizes (12" increments). Sizes 1/2 through 3 filters high; sizes 1/2 through 6 filters wide.


Consists of 2" thick, 4 lb. density mineral wool. It is completely covered with the same material as the housing (14-gauge galvanized or stainless steel).

Pressure Testing

Factory testing of the housing and filter sealing surfaces up to 10" W.G.

Static Taps

Taps across the filter sections are factory installed and plugged. Also available with a resistance gauge, shipped loose or installed.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Double Door Accessibility
  • One-Half Size Units
  • Insulation
  • Weather Cover
  • Pressure Testing
  • Static Taps
  • Test Port
  • For size and performance data
    • Download PDF Spec Sheet

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